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                                 met each other’s families and decided they were official. “Early in our relationship we had talked about our morals and life goals. We focused on discussing a lot of our future to make sure we were a right fit and fell in love while doing so.”
Matt was the first to say, “I love you” to Sam, in his parent’s pole shed while working on Sam’s car. With the L-word out there, Matt began planning for the proposal. The original idea was to send Sam on a spa day with her mom and then meet her for dinner after that. Matt purchased the ring months before and became concerned Sam would find it. Matt quickly became impatient with Plan A and implemented Plan B. Finally, on Mother’s Day 2017, Sam and Matt joined her family at the zoo. Matt pretended to take a picture with Sam when suddenly, he dropped to his knee and asked to marry her. Though Matt struggled to utter the words and with Sam a little unsure of what was happening, reality finally settled in and the two engaged.
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