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                                 to Jordan’s gift of being a “connector.” “He still is! He is so easy to talk to with a great sense of humor.”
With the proposal in the history books of Stiftungsfest, Becca and Jordan set out to claim a wedding date. Becca’s dream was to have a fall wedding. Jordan stipulated the wedding couldn’t be during hunting season. A dilemma arose, but was easily negotiated with settling on September 7, 2019, early fall before hunting season. Once the date cleared Pastor Carol Olson’s schedule, the invitations were prepared for print. Pastor Olson, now retired, played an important role in Jordan’s faith journey growing up. Corina Miller, Becca’s mom, “my rock” as Becca describes her, organized the details and kept the mood festive, reminding Becca several times, “This is fun; you only do this once and it should be special.”
Of course, the planning calendar held dates where Becca would try on wedding gowns. This turned into
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